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Cinelli SSCX 2012

I own a Cinelli Mash bike, and it’s one of the best looking, and riding bike I’ve ever been lucky enough to come into contact with. I love it, and have ridden more than 2,000 miles on it. Recently I’ve been keen to have a go at cyclocross riding, not that I have the funds right now, but if I did I would be building a singlespeed bike. I have looked into a few models but found the Cinelli Zydeco to be my dream bike, especially in the 2012 paint job. This was all until I saw the Cinelli SSCX frames built for the Mash SF crew, a singlespeed cyclocross frame, built by the legendary Cinelli, and based around the Mash frameset. The guys from San Francisco have been riding them recently, and the bikes look amazing. Head on over to the Mash blog to see exactly what I mean.


I’ve got to say, this new Specialized Crux has to be my favourite frame of the moment. I’ve been thinking about a cyclocross bike for a while, now who wants to buy me one of these?! I’ll treat it nicely!

Charge Bikes 2012 Preview - Part 2

Last week we brought you some photos from the 2012 Charge Bikes line up preview in London, and here are a couple more photos from the event.

This is the Decanter, one of the 2 new hybrid bikes in the Charge range, perfect for pootling around town & complete with a basket for carrying all your groceries. You won’t see us riding one of these any time soon but these bikes look really nice & classic, but with an aluminium frame & starting at under £500.

The latest UCI cyclocross ruling allows disc brakes to be used in racing for the first time, so many companies, Charge included are releasing complete CX bikes with cable disc brakes. This is one of the 2 new Filter bikes which look amazing for next year, and both complete with discs front & rear allowing for supreme stopping power.

Also on show was this amazing titanium Freezer bike, custom built for Charge team rider Abi, this bike looks the bomb & we’re very jealous!


We all love a custom bike, especially a custom Charge bike, and this time the guys have gone all out to build a one-off cyclocross ride for team rider Abi Greenaway. Their titanium Freezer frame has been kitted out with some of the best componentry around & all finished off with some pink touches to make it that extra bit special & unique. Here are some photos but head over to Charge’s blog for the full lowdown.

This is epic.