We are Breakneck. We are all about bikes.

The best part of my Christmas day ride had to be the ride through Bristol. I feel it deserved it’s own little edit. From The Downs to The Centre in 2 minutes.

I went out for a nice 48 mile ride on Christmas morning. Emptier roads & high winds made for an interesting ride. Couldn’t even ride across the Severn Bridge due to the extreme wind!

Our 3rd GoPro video is a little something I made today whilst the sun was shining. It was awesome to be out in not too many layers & sunglasses, made a great change from the past few weeks of hellish wind & rain. Nothing special just a bit of pedalling around some local lanes.

Our first real outing with the GoPro coincided with the first frost of the year in Bath. A bit of fixed gear riding from the top to the bottom of a hill.

We got a couple of GoPros in the house, so plan to make a whole lot of videos from now on at our vimeo page. This was our first go at filming & editing.